Introducing the Adcash App

The Adcash app has arrived! At Adcash, we think that the future is mobile which is why we decided to give our customers a mobile application. Our new app allows our customers to access and monitor their account all from the comfort of their mobile device.

The Adcash app is currently available for iOS and Android and allows users to:

  • Monitor campaign performance.
  • Manage and add funds to your advertiser wallet.
  • Request a payment.
  • Setup and manage wallet alerts.

We’ll be continuously improving and developing this as a product, to underline our belief that being “device agnostic” is truly the way forward; our customers should have the same level of control regardless of where they are in the world, or what device they are using.

Mobile insights

Something that the whole development process for our own app has given us is a deeper insight into the processes and challenges involved in building a multi-platform app. We’ll be using the knowledge from this and feeding that back into other areas of our business helping us to deliver a better product and service. This means simpler, more stable ad integration for our publishers and better campaign performance for our advertisers.

We also looked very closely at mobile trends and asked ourselves “Why? Do we need to build an app?”. After looking at some data and studies, the answer was very much a resounding “Yes, because the future is mobile’’. Take, for example, a recent Pew Research Center study, revealing that 64 percent of Americans have a smartphone, almost double the 2011 figure.

Tipping the balance

And the compelling arguments don’t end there. Talk of there being a “tipping point”, the point at which mobile becomes bigger than desktop, has been going on for a while. Well, it’s not coming, it’s already happened! Not only are there now more mobile users than desktop users globally, but more of those people are turning to mobile as their primary (and only) device.


Although analysts at IDC have recently lowered their growth estimates for smartphone market in 2015, from 11.3 to 10.4 percent, year-over-year (mainly due to a maturing of the Chinese market), that still represents a massive number in terms of devices sold. IDC Program Director Ryan Reith explained, “India has captured a lot of the attention that China previously received and it’s now the market with the most potential upside.”

This all leads us back to the firm belief that the future is mobile. We’re happy to embrace this shift and are actively involved in making sure that both we and our customers have the tools needed to be involved in these changes.

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What are you waiting for? Get your Adcash App today!

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