You’re courting picky users

App stores are expected to gross $52 billion in 2016 and it’s expected to almost double by 2020: it won’t be easy. In Google and Apple stores alone, there are almost 5 million apps, but users spend 90% of their time in only a few.

The developed market is close to saturation, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Emerging markets will buoy demand and app streaming technology will continue to develop and breach app store walls.

Users will download their apps from app stores but they won’t find them there, which is good. Ultimately, there’ll be more users who’ll be able to find your app more easily.

Do they know your app exists?

It probably took you about 4-6 months to develop V1.0 of your app’s value proposition. Because you were thinking about positioning during the conception and development phase, your app store listing didn’t take long to create.

But, your work isn’t finished…not by a long shot. Gone are the days where you could create your listing, sit back and count the money.

In fact, those days never existed and if you believe they did, you are indulging in golden age thinking. If you want your future users to know that your app exists, you have to tell them. Build it and they may come; promote it and they will.

Employ matchmakers and say hello

Promoting, advertising, marketing…business terms dressed in formal attire that describe a process: dating. Starting with ‘hello’, it leads to conversation and ends in a relationship.

Unlike most people, your app’s goal is to start many relationships.

Your app’s dating profile is your app store listing and the ad networks are your matchmakers. The best provide you a popular, yet selective platform, which provides targeting and other tools to find matches efficiently.

Port your app profile with AppInstall

Your app listing is great; it should be portable. With Adcash, it is. Using AppInstall, you just plug your app listing URL in and it will pull the specifics from the listing in moments…seconds actually.


Whether you’re creating an in-app or mobile web ad, AppInstall transfers your description copy, your creatives, and ratings. Customize your ad by masking specific fields, altering your description copy and/or providing additional creatives.

AppInstall will help your app find its perfect matches

Your users are waiting to be introduced to your app and only tier 1 networks will provide you the users you’re after. However, it’s not just about the quality of matches is it?

You also want to be efficient…not a word often used in the dating world, but you’re courting users and busy working on improving your app’s features.

You’ve already created a winning profile, it just needs to be shown to interested users. Wherever they are, Adcash is there. Port your app store listing using AppInstall by getting in touch today and help your app find its perfect users.

With such a large network, there are bound to be a few great insights out there. Don’t keep them a secret! Add to the discussion and comment below!

Kyle Buzzell

Kyle Buzzell

Content Manager

Psychology, sales and now marketing…Kyle uses his background and love of writing to create informative, engaging content for Adcash.

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