Top Tips for Adcash Self-Service Advertisers.

Just getting started with Adcash Self-Service platform? Want to know about how to get the most from the tools and options on offer? Read on to find out how…

With targeting, less can mean more

The single most common reason for advertisers, on any platform, seeing lower than expected impressions, is being overly specific in the targeting options they select. By narrowing down your audience too much, you risk not reaching users who could potentially become your customers. If you broaden your criteria a bit, you will almost certainly see that your impression count will grow.

We suggest that, when you first launch your campaign, you keep the targeting options set as broad as possible and then, by analyzing the data you can narrow down your audience to the point where you’re completely satisfied. You may be tempted at first to dive into all the really detailed advanced targeting options right away, but we recommend that you avoid doing this.

Bid more, get more

Like almost anything in this world, you will get what you pay for and CPM bids are no different. When you launch your campaign our system will provide you with a Suggested Bid. By bidding at or above this recommended level, you will greatly improve the potential of your ad campaign.

The figure generated by the system is dynamic and takes into account the targeting options and ad formats you have selected for your campaign. If your bid comes in below the suggested value, you are more likely to see a lower number of impressions.


Adcash Self-Service - Suggested Bid Screenshot


Right on time

Another thing that you can do to optimize and improve your campaign is by using the scheduling tools that self-service offers. We suggest that you first launch your campaign and set it to run every day of the week. Then, after getting a baseline of data, you can use the self-service reports to see what days your campaign is performing better. For example, if you are advertising a game, you audience may be more active on a weekend.  These things can vary greatly, by region, category and more, so we suggest that you always get a good baseline of data first before digging down into the optimization options. We’ll also be adding the capability to check your hourly campaign performance, allowing you to optimize them even further.

Testing, testing

A/B testing is usually used in reference to testing two different, but similar landing pages to see which one results in more conversions. It can, however, also be applied to your ad campaigns. By creating two nearly identical campaigns (you can do this very quickly by selecting Duplicate from the campaign Actions menu, see below) with a slight variation between the two, you can get clear, actionable information very quickly. If you were targeting mobile users, you could create one campaign to target Android devices and the other iOS devices. Very quickly you will start to see how each is performing and compare them to see which is performing the best.


Adcash Self-Service - How to duplicate a campaign


Follow the rules

We don’t want your campaigns to fall at the first hurdle, which is why it’s important that you take note of and stick to the campaign validation requirements. Here are a few key pointers:

Adult Content: We do not allow pornographic or adult content. If you submit a creative, landing page or are promoting adult-related content, it will be rejected. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t be happy with your parents or a child seeing it, it will not be approved.

Copyright Infringement: Using another company’s brand logo to promote your own product or campaign is forbidden by our terms and conditions.

Incomplete Landing Page: If you’re using the site under ad format for your campaign, you need to make sure that the page you submit is a complete website. You can use a landing page, with a call-to-action or even send them directly to your site.

Want to know more about our campaign validation requirements? Click here.

The format for success

Adcash is the world leader for pop under traffic (we refer to it as “site under”). It is our best-performing ad format and is a great way of driving traffic and impressions. Display or banner ads are still a good way to advertise online, but right now, our site under format delivers far more than the traditional banner ads do. We use the pop under rather than pop up format because web users tend to find it less intrusive. This means that they are less likely to associate a negative emotion with what it is the ad they are seeing. Also, because of the scale of our pop under traffic, this is where you are most likely to receive the most impressions.

Final thoughts

So, to sum up, the main points that you should keep in mind when using the Adcash self-service platform are:

  • Get a baseline of data before you start optimizing.
  • Try and start your campaigns with as broad targeting options as possible, then narrow it down over time.
  • Take note of the suggested bid value.
  • Test multiple variations of your campaigns.
  • Make sure your campaigns follow the Adcash guidelines.

If you’re still having trouble or if there’s something you think we should add to this article, click here to contact us.

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