The latest addition to the Adcash product lineup is here. Meet Adcash Video Ads.

For the better part of a year, the product development team has been putting together our shiny, new video ad product. While the initial release will be beta, we have big, big plans for Adcash Video Ads.

Our video format is in-stream, meaning Adcash advertisers can have their video ad appear before, during or after the main video feature. We’ve already been working with our current partners to build a list of quality video publishers and advertisers and we want it to keep growing.

Video is BOOMING!

So, why video? Why now?

The video advertising market is huge, and growing, and it’s predicted that growth will continue, driven largely by the massive number of mobile devices in the world. All these mobile devices, coupled with the growing penetration of high speed connections, means that more people can access video content than ever before.

We want to have the tools ready for our customers to help them succeed at video advertising. We looked at the way a lot of others in the industry are doing video ads and decided that, rather than building a standalone product, that requires it’s own user interface which needs to be learned from scratch, we integrated it into our existing, Self-Service advertiser platform.

This means that everything is one place; your display campaigns, your pop ads, your video ads, in-app, everything. So you can easily analyze and compare the performance of each one, without having to switch between different platforms.

From a publisher perspective, looking to make money with video ads, video ad spending numbers show no sign of diminishing. There’s more money being spent on digital video advertising that ever before, and online publishers, from all categories, are able to make the most of that with Adcash Video Ads. Our product is completely VAST compatible, so everything works how you’d expect, right from the start.

Learn more about Adcash Video Ads

Adcash Video Ads has been built using a combination of our cutting-edge algorithmic optimization technology, our custom-built Self-Service platform and open industry standards.

It’s developed to give advertisers and publishers alike everything they need to succeed in the wonderful new world of digital video advertising.

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