Introducing: New Bidding Features

Introducing: New Bidding Features

Advertisers often struggle to choose in which countries they should run their campaigns and how much they should bid on different GEOs. Our new pre-set tier structure makes it easier to target specific GEOs and tailor bids per tiers/countries all in one campaign. It gives media buyers more flexibility to easily optimize their campaigns and achieve performance targets.

What are country tiers? 

Country tiers are grouped GEOs and each tier consists of different countries. Tiers are widely used in the affiliate marketing industry but the way the countries have been grouped varies a lot. The difference between Adcash’s tiers and other ad networks/DSP platforms is the fact that our complex algorithms group countries in tiers based on the country’s competitiveness and performance results. Most networks manually choose their tiers by just “developed and developing” countries or use non-transparent logic to group them. Therefore, our tiers are dynamic and countries might occasionally move from one tier to another. This gives performance marketers a better overview of traffic quality and the average price on the platform. 

Tiers are based on:

  • Competitiveness
  • Price offers (current bids on the platform)
  • Traffic quality
  • Traffic price

Let’s look at the countries in different tiers. Remember though that the list of countries in the tiers might change often as it is based on real performance results.

Tier 1 

Tier 1 is considered the most desirable tier for many affiliates and that’s why it’s the most competitive one with the highest minimum bids. The countries in this list are wealthy with high internet speed but there might be very strict rules for advertisers in some countries and verticals. For example in the UK, financial services and gambling are highly regulated verticals.

Tier 1 Targeting

Example of tier 1 countries

The competition in tier 1 is fierce and costly but it’s worth it as you then reach high-quality traffic which will translate into higher ROI. Also, tier 1 mostly consists of English speaking countries, so it’s easier to run most campaigns in English. 

Tier 2   

Tier 2 is the middle ground between tier 1 and tier 3. This tier is a bit less competitive with lower bids compared to the top tier but it’s working very well for many of our advertisers. 

Tier 2 Targeting
Example of tier 2 countries

However, this tier might require a localized approach. We highly recommend creating your ad creatives and landing pages in the local languages to tailor your ads to the right audience. That way you won’t waste your budget on people who have no intent to purchase/sign up.

Tier 3

Tier 3 has very low competition and the cost of traffic is relatively cheap. The audience in this tier tends to have a lower income, little access to mobile phones and sometimes online payment systems aren’t available. For that reason, this tier isn’t for everyone and it will depend on the product and service you’re offering. But it isn’t always the case, as sometimes very developed countries might end up in tier 3 as the tiers are based on dynamic performance

Country Tiers - Tier 3
Example of tier 3 countries

Again, localization is key here and advertisers need to also think about the different religions and cultures. However, it’s the perfect tier to split test different things as the traffic is cheap and you could reach a lot of people with your offer at a very low cost.

Which tier to use? 

It depends on the offer you’re running and whether your campaigns are suitable for multiple tiers, single tier or even only for a specific GEO(s). Tier 1 is the most expensive tier to use but also the most rewarding one. Everyone wants a slice of this tier but at the same time don’t forget that it’s only a small slice of the world’s population. Tier 2 and tier 3 can also be very rewarding as the traffic is cheaper and there are fewer restrictions to run finance, betting and dating offers for example. So, don’t limit yourself with just one tier or location and test your campaign in different GEOs. Run A/B tests, use the data available and optimize accordingly. 

Tiers and GEOs bidding strategy

The Adcash platform displays the minimum bid per tier/country, and we’d always recommend bidding higher than the minimum bid. We also show the average bid per tier/country, and it’s good to start with this suggested bid to receive a high volume of traffic. If you bid lower, then your bid will be less competitive and you’ll not get the amount of traffic you might have wished for. Thus, it might damage your overall campaign performance. If you want to see the full list of current tiers and their minimum bids, then please click here.


Tier/Country Bidding

Advertisers can choose an overall tier bid for all the different GEOs in one tier but sometimes it isn’t often enough for media buyers to optimize their campaigns and find the sweet spot for their offering. Hence why advertisers can now also set specific bids within the tiers. For example, if you’re targeting all tier 1 countries, then you might want to set a higher bid for the US or any other well-performing GEOs Therefore, you could set a specific bid for any country you wish and again bid higher than the minimum bid or even higher than the average bid on that specific country. That way your bid will be competitive and you’ll receive better results. 


Custom Payout Per Zone/Source

And this isn’t it – you can also go one level deeper and apply custom payout (bid) per zones/sources. If you see that a specific zone is particularly profitable, then you should bid higher on this zone. Contrarily, if there are zones that aren’t performing at all then you have an option to blacklist these zones. The choice is yours!  


Let’s not forget about the CPA Target! 

Also, all affiliate marketers know that the more granular you go with your bid strategies, the harder it is to manage your campaigns. It’s very time-consuming to constantly monitor campaigns’ performance and optimize them. Consequently, you could also use our CPA target bidding method that will do all the manual work for you. It automatically optimizes traffic by whitelisting/blacklisting unprofitable zones/sources and making sure that you’re achieving your set acquisition goals.

Read more on how you can apply a specific country bid or custom payout per zone/source.

Please note: specific country bids and custom payouts per zone/source are only available when you create campaigns using our advanced campaign creation wizard.

We hope this new country tier bidding feature will bring some great results for our advertisers. You will now have the full power to set specific bids for different GEOs and fully optimize their performance. But if you haven’t tried our online advertising platform yet, then it’s time to do so.

Sign up today and start your successful online advertising journey with Adcash.



Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Why should you keep your ad campaigns live during the festive period?

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the final call to get your advertising campaigns ready for the festive season. In this blog post, we will share some useful tips on how to maximize your holiday ad spend and why you should keep your campaigns running during the festivities.

Plus, have you heard about our Christmas cashback offer? Keep reading to find out the best bits …

🎁 Pre-Christmas Online Shopping Spree Traffic 

People are trying to find last minute Christmas presents for their loved ones, so it’s time to ensure that your ads are visible with increased online spending. The pre-holiday season brings relatively higher ad impressions — typically CTRs rise 100% and conversion rates go up 60%. This means that you should take advantage of this trend and ramp up your ad spend to reap the rewards.

🎄Post-Christmas Traffic Buzz! 

When Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that the shopping is! People have more time to browse online to grab some bargains as the post-Christmas and New Year sales start. However, it’s very common for advertisers to switch off or reduce their online campaign activities just before Christmas Eve hits. They will miss all that post-Christmas online traffic as the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are as busy the rest of the days in December.

However, that’s a big opportunity for YOU as there will be less competition and lower CPMs, CPCs and CPAs! This isn’t the time to lower your marketing budgets and it makes sense to increase your ad spend whilst more consumers are online!


🔥 Top 10 Holiday Tips From Adcash 🔥

#1 Run flash sales

If you’re an online retailer, then now is a great time to run flash sales to promote specific products. Flash sales create a sense of urgency, hype and boost in sales.

To increase urgency, add some time-sensitive copy to your creatives i.e. “today only”, “limited stock”, “24-hour flash sale”, “final hours”, “ends tonight”, “for a limited time only”.  


#2 Create multiple ad variations to stand out

holiday native ads banner

Also, update your ads frequently to display your latest promotions and deals.

#TopTip – the more different images you have, the merrier! But don’t forget to test and optimize accordingly!


#3 Dress up your creatives and landing pages

Be creative with your ads and landing pages to increase engagement and conversion rates!


#4 Test and optimize different ad formats 

We highly recommend testing different ad formats as each format has its own benefits. Push Notifications are eye-catching and visible, Native Ads are engaging and the classic Pop-Under ads still deliver great conversion rates.

Test them all and find the best ones for your campaigns that bring the highest ROI!


#5 Special offers

To attract more users and beat the competition, offer gift cards and bonus offers. Make sure that you mention the deals on your ad creatives and landing pages to catch people’s attention and increase click-through rates.


#6 Run mobile ads 

Holiday Mobile ads banner

More than 40% of holiday purchases are completed on mobile. Don’t underestimate mobile ads and make sure you run web mobile ads too!


#7 Mobile-friendly landing pages

If you’re running mobile ads, then make sure that your landing pages are fully mobile optimized to accommodate mobile traffic. 


#8 Use CPA Target bid type 

Forget about manual optimization with CPA Target. Set your ideal target and let our advanced machine learning algorithms do the job for you! Already 25% of our advertisers are running CPA Target campaigns, and on average they are seeing up to 27% better results than using CPC or CPM.


#9 Budget, budget, budget!

Make sure you’ve planned your budget smartly to make the most of your ad spend over the holiday season. Spread it across December and don’t pause your campaigns.

The increased traffic and higher conversion rates are definitely a good reason to spend a little more.


#10 Use automatic payments 

Advertisers who use automatic payments have better results as campaigns run more smoothly. Without automatic payments, campaigns are at risk of pausing and restarting which can affect your performance.

Don’t wait any longer — start using it now!

🌟 Advertise with Adcash and get 10% cashback! 💸

Also, the more you spend from 21 December until 2 January the more you’ll earn! Yes, it is that simple! You’ll love what we’re going to say next – all CPA Target, CPM and CPC campaigns are included in the offer regardless of the chosen ad format and targeting options!

All you need to do is run campaigns during this period and spend on average only €/$ 50 per day over 13 days (min total spend €/$ 650). 


Hurry – the cashback campaign ends soon!

⏱️Time is ticking – register now & get your ads ready! ⏱️

NEW ADVERTISERS sign up here to qualify for the offer.
If you’re an EXISTING ADVERTISER, then submit your email here.


Lastly, forget about fraudulent ad traffic with Adcash  

Fraudulent ad traffic is one of the biggest challenges in digital advertising. According to Juniper Research, in 2018, ad fraud cost around $19 bn for online advertisers and they estimate it will reach $44 bn by 2022.

Fraudulent ad activity is often higher during the holiday season, but when you advertise with Adcash then there’s no need to worry about this. We take fraud very seriously, and on a daily basis, our advanced fraud filters prevent and block suspicious traffic to ensure clean online acquisition for our advertisers.

With Adcash, you’ll never waste your budget on fraudulent traffic!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t used the Adcash media buying platform yet, then now is the perfect time to give it a goGet 10% cashback and achieve your online advertising goals with Adcash DSP+!
How to stay in the digital advertising business as a publisher

How to stay in the digital advertising business as a publisher

We have a new Head of Publishers in our team, Emanuele Pezzulla. To introduce him to the public we sat down and discussed some key issues for publishers in the digital advertising industry. We also talked about some of the standout features that sets Adcash apart from other similar platforms – from a fully customizable service to higher competitive rates due to effective fraud filters and to a self-service platform with live support and account managers available.

First things first. When a publisher gets started, how should they choose the right ad format for their traffic?

It really depends on the publisher’s needs. I’d suggest following these factors when considering a suitable format:

  • the vertical of your website;
  • website functionalities and content;
  • how your visitors use and navigate the site;
  • amount of unique visitors;
  • geolocation of visitors and the device used;
  • average time spent on the site by a single user.

It’s also important to take into account how the website’s users experience may influence the expected earnings.

How do you measure the effectiveness of an ad format?

Performance metrics, of course, can be measured in numbers, like fill rate and eCPM which result in earnings. Depending on the format, our publishers have access to various metrics and filters for a deeper understanding of the stats. Analyzing and comparing these metrics with your own traffic can give a pretty clear picture on how users can react to the format.
However, if you feel that your chosen format is underperforming, contact your Adcash manager or our support team who can look into this. Keep in mind as well, that the full Adcash optimization will need about 48h to kick in, so give our algorithms time to do its magic.

How does adblock feature into this?

Adblock is a serious threat for the business flow of both, the publishers and advertisers. We have managed to develop a solution, though, that can bypass adblock and help you monetize your audience more efficiently. This solution is a great opportunity to take back control of that section of the traffic that many webmasters consider as “lost by default”.

Let’s give some tips to our readers on how to maximize the features we offer. Let’s start with how to work with frequency capping.

In case of full-screen ads such as the site-under, frequency capping must be set depending on what you want the user experience of your website to be like. You should consider the average time spent on the site and the number of average page views per user.
Additionally, if the website hosts content that changes many times during one day (like news, videos, images, music, reviews etc), it is important to understand what is the average return rate in a timeframe and apply a capping that would monetize the user every time they create a new session.
In the opposite case, like native ads, we advise unlimited frequency capping since by definition such ad formats are synonymous with good user experience.
If you are planning to work with only one ad network then the frequency can be higher as well since the user experience won’t suffer as much. I would always recommend keeping a balance between the optimal user experience and expected earnings.

What is black and whitelisting and how it works?

Our tags allow every campaign related to website’s thematics to be submitted by default. However, every publisher might have different needs and may want to exclude or target only specific campaigns or creative behavior. This can be set up only by your Adcash manager or customer support team. So once you’ve figured out what you need, feel free to get in touch and make your request.

What about native ads, how to place the widget?

Visibility is the key and for this it is important to customize the widget correctly. A successful native widget will blend so well it looks like the content on your website, resulting in higher performance. We give our publishers all the tools for full customization: background colors, text, font, format, numbers of creatives etc. Again, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you need any help with customizing the native widget.

What is the state of the market for publishers at the moment? What are the trends in online advertising to look out for? What to think about the Google initiated Better Ads coalition and should that influence the choice of formats?

One clear trend is the rise and rise of native ads and our native technology is one of the most advanced on the market. We are talking about a monetization solution, which is user-friendly, engaging and doesn’t really look like an ad.
Regarding the status of site-under, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Google’s policies in this area to be compliant. We’ve been a market leader for 11 years already and we are confident in helping our publishers to still monetize their audience through this high-performance ad format.
The market, in general, has clearly become segmented and is moving towards a specialization. We place ourselves as one of the major players with a focus on a consolidated business area and we always move forward with the next big trends.

Keep in mind that any new feature that we launch for our advertisers will end up providing better monetization to our publishers.

Transparency and user experience are the current keywords in the market. We have already moved forward on this by offering our advertisers new products within our recently launched Performance DSP+. Take the example of our automatic traffic fraud filters and the recent release of CPA target. Both benefit you as a publisher since fraud filters result in higher budgets and payouts from advertisers, while the CPA target makes it easier for them to manage and keep their campaigns active. This will directly result in higher revenue for you as a provider of clean and legit traffic.

Become a publisher with Adcash!

Still wondering why choose Adcash as your partner? We’ve been providing quality services globally for more than ten years already. We have valuable experience and we’ve put time and resources into developing our bleeding-edge technology that sets us apart from the rest.

Start monetizing your traffic today! Sign up here.

Why we need to talk about ad fraud…still

Why we need to talk about ad fraud…still

We’ve discussed fraud before here and here, but it’s time to dust off this topic once again. In digital advertising unfortunately fraud is almost like a sub-industry in itself. It changes, adapts and evolves just like advertising technology does. However, at Adcash we are trying to grow and adapt just like the fraudsters to make sure our traffic is clean and our clients, advertisers and publishers alike, get only the best quality in performance.

What’s happening on the fraud landscape in 2018?

Click fraud still stands out from other malicious or deceptive activities. This means automated bots that will generate large amounts of fake clicks on ads that do not come from actual human beings. These clicks have zero real value for advertisers, since there isn’t a human being seeing the ads. There is also conversion fraud, which may prove to be more difficult to capture, because oftentimes it may not be noticeable right away.

Then there’s also other kinds of fraudulent activity like ads that are stacked on top of each other or ads that are invisible to the human eye, but will still generate impressions. This means, again, that the advertiser is basically paying for nothing. There’s also website related fraud as well, for example, sites that are artificially made to look like they receive more traffic than they actually do and the advertiser ends up paying more for receiving less.

How does Adcash fraud detection work?

We take the quality of the traffic that we work with very seriously. Which is why we have a designated team working with fraud issues. In addition to that we have a number of automatic fraud detection filters in place as well. We currently have about 12 filters, but every quarter we try to come out with at least one new one. As of today we filter out around 19,6% of all the traffic that we receive, which is a very good ratio compared to general industry statistics.

Naturally, we take diligent care to keep our anti-fraud filters always up to date. The reason for such regular maintenance is, of course, the nature of the fraud business, that we mentioned already in the beginning. Fraud patterns keep evolving, but we try to catch as many different types of malicious or deceptive activity that we possibly could. We have so many filters not only to intercept the most obvious and widespread fraud, but also the more sophisticated and elaborate schemes. This is part of our ongoing process to try to separate human behaviour from bot conversions.

However, it is impossible to detect 100% of fraudulent activity and sometimes even the best filters occasionally let some bad stuff slip through the cracks. Again, this is due to the constantly evolving nature of fraud, but we aim to be at least a few steps ahead of the fraudsters. This means that we always appreciate your feedback. If you think that you’ve detected some suspicious activity, let us know and we’ll look into it right away!

We apply detection to our SSPs, too!

That’s right, we take care to clean up everything that comes through our platform. Since we allow transparent targeting across supply sources and you can also buy traffic on our platform that originates from other exchanges, we apply anti-fraud filters to that traffic as well. Consider this as an additional safeguard against being cheated and we don’t even charge anything extra for that! Our anti-fraud tools are by default always included in the package.

We’re not doing it to scare publishers, honestly

It’s actually quite the opposite. Monitoring our traffic quality closely has a very tangible benefit for our publishers as well. This means that in the grand scheme of things our ability to fight fraud successfully will be very profitable for publishers. We’ll have more advertisers open to investing more money, which will lead to higher eCPM and more trust in the relationship between advertisers and publishers.

So, like we said, if you suspect any kind of fraudulent activity in the traffic we send to you or you have any further questions about our anti-fraud activities, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Have your campaigns optimized by machine intelligence for maximum effect

Have your campaigns optimized by machine intelligence for maximum effect

AI, machine learning, recommender systems are everywhere today. We have been very discreet about it so far, but we cannot keep it quiet any longer – Adcash and data science is a long time love story! We use this technology for fraud detection and campaign validation, for ad selection and optimization.

18 months ago our team started developing our own internal bidder, the idea was to create an automated ROI-based bidder. A system that would buy traffic automatically with an aim to provide a secured return on investment for the advertiser.

After testing the outstanding level of performance was clear along with its effective scalability and now we’re giving it to our advertisers to use without any extra cost.

After becoming a Performance DSP+ and making the inventory of more than 158 networks and supply partners available, we wanted to focus on supporting advertisers in running performance campaigns.

At the center of our intelligent recommender and prediction systems is the CPA Target or cost-per-acquisition target. Here we explain what this feature can do for you, how it works and, of course, give some extra useful tips. (Scroll down for the condensed TL;DR version 🙂 )

What is it?

Essentially we’ve built a machine learning system that bids for you on traffic sources that perform the best for you. Most of the industry and best supply sources are expecting advertisers to buy the supply on CPM or CPC basis while advertisers are expecting to secure their ROI by running CPA performance based campaigns.

Our aim with the Adcash DSP is clearly to connect these two worlds. You can now setup CPA based campaigns on each of the networks and traffic sources that we have available!

The whole point of the CPA Target is to make the campaign optimization process fully automated. This means that analysing traffic sources, blacklisting and measuring performance is done for you. The result is that you will be getting efficient conversions while easily scaling the number of campaigns you could run simultaneously while saving valuable time.

How it works?

You define the target price per conversion that you are willing to pay and our algorithms will explore the traffic sources automatically for you, analyzing their performance and cost. The system will process large amounts of data automatically in order to do the campaign exploration for you.

Your average cost per action will start higher than what you have set, but it will reduce progressively. The goal is to reach your average expected CPA as fast as possible mixing highly performing traffic sources with the exploration of new ones, while continuously removing the sources that have a lower likelihood for conversion.

How do we guarantee a fair price?

Our CPA Target is designed to be cost effective, but how does that really work? The explanation to this is the second price auction mechanism, which allows our advertisers to pay fair price. In a nutshell, second price auction means that if you outbid someone and win the auction, you end up paying the amount that they bid + $ 0.01. This means that you’ll save money by not having to pay the full bid and the prices are constantly kept fair. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes and yes! It’s also pretty rare in this industry to get such reasonable and transparent payment models. We’re not bent in favor of neither the advertisers nor publishers, which means that you can rely on us to truly charge the fair amount.


The most important thing to keep in mind while using the Adcash CPA Target is that while it is an incredibly powerful tool, you still need to be patient. We advise to stick to a goal and not change it often. However, your patience will be rewarded usually within a few days. Be mindful when setting your goals as well. Always set the real value, either industry standards or metrics you have already experienced for user acquisition, this way you’ll be getting truly the best performing traffic for your campaigns.


Here’s the TL;DR version:

  • Our CPA Target is all about machine learning-powered automatic optimization in every aspect. You set the value and we’ll do the campaign exploration for you, finding the best performing sources automatically.
  • It saves time, because we have it all optimized for you, no manual tinkering is needed. This means that it’s also incredibly easily scalable as you now have the opportunity to apply automatic optimization to as many campaigns as you want to.
  • Extra resource for you to analyze large amounts of information about your campaigns very quickly.
  • You always pay a fair price, since we are one of the few to truly apply the second price auction model.

For maximum impact we suggest using this tool in combination with our other standout features such as inventory forecasting and supply targeting. To keep a close eye on performance we also have detailed reporting available.

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