Buzzing DMEXCO 2019

Buzzing DMEXCO 2019

One of the world’s biggest digital marketing events DMEXCO 2019 took place three weeks ago. More than 40,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors made this event the meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation. Find out more details in our recap below.

The Adcash team just got back from DMEXCO 2019 that was held in Cologne. As per usual, the event was buzzing – full of amazing business opportunities, top-notch technologies and solutions. For us, there were a couple of brands who were the stars of the exhibition area. YouTube stood out with its interactive booth and Shopify had a very creative booth solution with the coolest bar. 

Brands (i.e. Adobe, Facebook) were introducing their latest features and products. For example, Google presented their 2 product updates – new digital targeting solutions that target clusters of people and a content’s context. Both of these updates fit like a glove with the speech that Google’s EMEA president Matt Brittin gave about delivering personalization without personal data. It hits just the right spot, as the processing of personal information has become a popular topic after numerous incidents have shed light on data leaks. For example, the highly popular Face app that had a massive privacy leak.

That’s actually one of the trends where Adcash has been the frontrunner for a while now. As explained in Google’s keynote at DMEXCO, they use a similar clustering system for user interest targeting like Adcash. This method preserves individuals’ privacy and groups people together instead.

Top trends of the industry according to DMEXCO 2019

Transparency was the main talking point at DMEXCO 2019. Another thing that was trending amongst the speeches, expo attendees and exhibitors was brand safety. Keeping a brand’s reputation safe while they are active in online advertising is something that we in Adcash do as well. Luis di Como from Unilever discussed the progress of the ‘Global Alliance for Responsible Media’ and their search for answers to current challenges in the advertising field.

If we focus on specifics then Push Notifications, Programmatic and Native ads are still the most popular trends in advertising at the moment. That could also be seen by the large attendance of companies who offer those formats and solutions.

Sealing the deal

Our team met up with many of our existing clients to go over their strategies and make sure our clients have the most efficient and result-driven setup. DMEXCO brings together specialists from many various backgrounds and due to that, we got to meet new clients whose companies are active in very different verticals. The Adcash Sales Managers mostly met with clients from gambling and betting companies, software producers, entertainment sites, e-commerce, app owners, affiliates, and agencies.

We’re happy to say that the event gathered clients from all levels. This year there were exceptionally many “green” clients who just recently started working with online advertising and needed to be educated on the entire practice. As a result, our team got to have more fun explaining what the industry is all about.

A very happy hour

On the first day of the event, we hosted a happy hour in our booth. We’re excited to say that we have continued our cooperation and thus, the happy hour was sponsored by the Vana Tallinn allowing us to lift our clients’ spirits (literally!) with the legendary Estonian shots! 

Time completely flew by with all the delicious snacks (hats off to Koelnmesse), awesome drinks and networking fizz.

What’s next

In October we will attend MAC 2019 in Kyiv. Publishers can have a chat with Siim and Evgeniy will be there for advertisers. 

November will bring a warm breeze, as Tarmo and Natalja will be heading to Sigma 2019. 

That means you have various opportunities to meet our expert team. Use this chance to meet up with them and take your online advertising to the next level.

Connecting intelligently at MWC Barcelona 2019

Connecting intelligently at MWC Barcelona 2019

For this past week, one sunny European location has been buzzing with techies. That’s because it’s MWC Barcelona week! That’s right, we’re talking about the largest mobile event in the world.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the event overtakes Barcelona. Wherever you look, there are people walking around with the MWC badges. Metro is full of people from all over the world all going in the same direction and taxis are filled with people making business calls. For one whole week, Barcelona transforms from a digitally oriented city to a complete tech central as so many specialists from all around the world gather together in one place.

Being one of the most important tech and mobile conferences in the world, the event was set in 8 huge consecutive halls, each focusing on a slightly different area in the industry. Walking between those numerous halls one could easily see the change in scenery even without noticing that they have entered to a different hall. As each hall was full of specific type of products or services it was very easy to connect and meet relevant people.

Smart cars, AI robots, foldable phones and head devices that help you power nap more efficiently are just some of the technological solutions displayed at MWC. The theme for this year’s event was “Intelligent Connectivity” that included 8 separate core themes: Connectivity, AI, Industry 4.0, Immersive Content, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, and The Future. Intelligent connectivity is used to describe the combination of the advanced 5G networks, IoT, AI and big data. The topic was chosen as the intelligent connectivity is the start of a new era that is made of personalized and contextualized experiences available to the people right when they want it.

With more than 100,000 people attending the event, Adcash prepared accordingly and we called our attending team a “tribe” who were making sure that our company had the best presence at the event. The conference programme brought about a talented crowd from many different leading companies and we were happy to have met them as well. After the last event day we did a little research within our team. The Adcash team that consisted of 14 people collected in total almost 700 business cards from different meetings and networking activities.

During the first two days of the event, we hosted a happy hour in our booth. As our company is international with offices in multiple locations, we wanted to pay a little homage to that. Vana Tallinn, an Estonian liqueur spirits brand, was sponsoring our happy hours and it was served with Spanish tapas. We want to thank everyone who came to have some fun at our booth and to network with our team, it was our pleasure hosting you and to introduce Estonian spirits to a larger audience.

MWC Barcelona was our second event of the year and it safe to say it will remain as one of the biggest ones that we’re going to attend in 2019. Keep an eye on our social media to learn more information about the upcoming events our team will attend:
VERY happy times at DMEXCO 2018

VERY happy times at DMEXCO 2018

41,000 visitors. 1,000 exhibitors. 550 speakers. We could only be talking about one event and that’s DMEXCO! An expo where the Adcash team had a VERY happy time.

#DMEXCO18 put on an unforgettable show this year and it’s definitely a must-go event for anyone who’s interested in digital, innovation and marketing. Industry-leading exhibitors, top expert speakers, and highly insightful panel discussions set the bar real high for next year.

Attendees had an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of future technologies, attend more than 100 seminars and discover trends affecting their industries and markets. The main conference topics included e-commerce, data, and analytics, AI, GDPR (yes, we’re still talking about it), digital assistants, IOT, blockchain, virtual & augmented reality and many other hot topics.

In the EXPO hall, digital ad formats were one of the most discussed topics with native ads and native push notifications taking center stage. Our team was happy to show our native ads’ features and capabilities to both advertisers and publishers. Did you know that with Adcash native ads you have an access to the most advanced targeting features in the industry and cutting-edge technology?  Your campaigns will reach the right audience with highly relevant content.

It was great to see that Adcash is still rocking the pop-under game, being one of the most trusted pop providers in the industry. The event also allowed us to introduce our star pricing model – CPA Target. And if by now you still have no idea what CPA Target is, then you can check it out here!  

Business is always better with a little pleasure. The Adcash team hosted a VERY happy hour during the first day of the expo. Vana Tallinn shots became something of a legend and our booth was buzzing with passionate discussions about online advertising.

Our team noticed that AI and machine learning was another dominant conversation topic at the event. It was great for us to see that the Adcash prediction technology is one of the top solutions on the market and it helps us to deliver better results for our clients.

This event brought many of our major clients to one location, which allowed us to strike up great conversations. Business didn’t stop there, as our team had many meetings with potential clients who wished to start their successful digital advertising career with Adcash. All in all, we were once again reassured that this event is a must!

We hope that all our potential new clients have already contacted the Adcash team who they met at DMEXCO. If you still haven’t done that, then now’s the time as you still have fresh knowledge about our platform and what we offer.

Where can you meet us next?

The Adcash team will attend a couple of more events this year. More information about that will be shared soon! Until then, keep a close eye on our events page to stay updated!

Recap of the Affiliate Summit East 2018

Recap of the Affiliate Summit East 2018

This time our team flew across the Atlantic to New York City, in order to attend Affiliate Summit East 2018, an event that is focused on affiliate marketing.

#ASE18 is part of the Affiliate Summit event series that takes place all over the globe. The purpose of those events is to provide educational sessions of the latest industry trends and to provide a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers. As always, the event was packed with marketers, affiliates, vendors, digital agencies, networks, technology providers and traffic sources.  

The Affiliate Summit East was filled with engaging presentations and panel discussions on topics that covered the latest industry trends, current market analysis, and digital advertising challenges. The keynote of the first day was about psychological targeting. Dr. Sandra Matz went deep into the topic, past the how’s and why’s, discussing how it can be used ethically. The main event of Day 1 was, of course, the Meet Market where the networking session took place.

The last two days had similar structures and were a little slower than the first day. The exhibit hall offered a chance to meet and discuss with different affiliate marketers even further. Day 2 included a keynote with Mari Smith, who was talking about what is working on Facebook at the moment. In addition to the exhibit, day 3 also included another keynote where WordPress questions were in focus. Brian Messenlehner and David Vogelpohl introduced their advanced strategies as responses to those common questions.

The Adcash team participated in the event during the first two days to meet up with other top industry players and to make new and exciting deals. We were represented by our Head of Publishers – Emanuele Pezzulla and our Advertiser Manager – Keijo Suurkivi. In their words, the event was buzzing with people looking to buy traffic, so the advertisers’ side was very busy and had many opportunities to prospect and network with new clients. Our team also had the opportunity to meet up with clients like AdCombo,, appthis, Yodel and Secco Squared. To sum up, it was the perfect way to end our overall productive July.

You still have a chance to catch up with our team this summer. Our Head of Traffic, Antoine Padovani, will be heading to Gamescom 2018 that takes places on August 21-22 in Cologne. You can book a personal meeting with him here!

Here’s what happened at Affiliate World Europe 2018

Here’s what happened at Affiliate World Europe 2018

A global conference. The biggest names in affiliate and e-commerce marketing. Industry-leading speakers. Thousands of participants. A fantastic chance to meet new and existing clients. What are we talking about? Affiliate World Europe well, of course!

The Affiliate World Europe 2018 was held in the sunny Barcelona this year. One might have already thought of that location as Barcelona is a city that’s fast becoming a European tech hub – hosting a growing number of ITC (Information and Communications Technology) conferences in the recent years. The huge Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB) was buzzing from all the performance marketing professionals networking, giving speeches, participating in the exhibition market, enjoying good old tapas and happy hours.

The panels on the first day discussed topics such as affiliate campaigns, Facebook retargeting strategies, effective sales funnels, influencer marketing, and critical decisions regarding Native Ads. There were many experts present sharing their experience on the field. One of the most interesting speeches was given by Ben Malol, also known as the Simon Sinek of marketing. He was explaining why people buy and how to achieve success for your products through Story Marketing.

The second day featured speeches about joint venture affiliate marketing, Instagram marketing, smart pixel placement that allows cross-platform targeting and a masterclass of content marketing. Our team was fascinated by the information regarding conversion rate optimization hacks that Mohamed Ali Aguel, mostly known as Mo, was discussing. One of the things he brought out was in regards to the video ads. The strategy suggested using a blurry image so that people would get interested and click on the video thumbnail. Since the advertisers have only 3 seconds to capture the public’s attention, and about 10 seconds to connect with their clients then often many hacks need to be used to make it happen.

Adcash participated in the exhibition market to network with other top affiliate specialists, in addition to getting together with existing clients and having personal meetings to discuss ad tech and give top tips. We were delighted to catch up with long-term clients, find new contacts and to hear the informative speeches that gave very valuable advice.

The next chance to meet our sales team is already this week at Affiliate Summit East in New York that takes place on July 29-31. Our industry experts will be there to share top tips with you. 


Photo credits: Adcash and Trooperads

Adcash is COPPA compliant, no ifs, ands or buts

Adcash is COPPA compliant, no ifs, ands or buts

From our stance against adblockers, you probably noticed that we are committed to free access to content. We have demonstrated that commitment by doggedly fighting ad fraud and maintaining high standards.

But there’s more to do; we also need to promote a safe digital environment for children. We’re proud to say that we’re doing our part: Adcash is 100% compliant with COPPA.

Short for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, its aim is to prevent marketer overreach. It does this by limiting the information that digital properties can collect from children under a specific age without parental consent.

COPPA: Who, where and what is subject?

Any website, app or service provider knowingly collecting personal information from children under the age of 13 is subject to COPPA so long as they are headquartered or targeting traffic in the U.S.

Such wording provides its enforcement body global jurisdiction. For example, the Federal Trade Commission (see enforcement body) fined Singapore’s InMobi $950K for secretly gathering data from children-targeted apps.

The act’s scope not only includes requested information, such as the child’s name, but the data that persistent identifiers, such as cookies and other forms of passive tracking collect.

COPPA: Compliance comes down to one thing

COPPA is a pretty technical piece of legislation but it boils down to one thing: the parent’s right to determine what is in the best interest of his or her child.

In this case? It is the parents’ right to decide when and how much information digital properties can collect from their children.

It logically follows that properties targeted toward or otherwise collecting data from children must disclose this. They must also verify that it is the parent, not the child, who is providing consent.

COPPA: it’s not just about the law but what’s right

Whether you are acting as a business or citizen, it is in your best interest to comply with sensible laws. Otherwise, you open yourself to business- or life-altering liability.

However, just because you do what is legal doesn’t mean what you do is ethical. After all, following the law is just good sense…business or otherwise. No, your decision must be based as much on ethics as it is legality.

Collectively, it is our responsibility to ensure that children can safely play in and explore their environments. We need every member to make that happen: you can count us among those who are.

The content within this post does not constitute legal advice. For COPPA specifics, follow this link and consult with legal counsel for questions of compliance.

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