Race Performance & Adcash at Le Mans 2016 – 1 day to go

Race Performance & Adcash at Le Mans 2016 – 1 day to go

So, here we are. 1 day away from one of the most prestigious events in motor racing, the 84th running of the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race. 60 cars, divided into 4 main classes, LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro and GTE Am, all on track at the same time, all racing for the title in their respective classes.

Qualifying results

Yesterday saw qualifying for the main event take place, amid heavy rain and generally treacherous conditions (at one point in the evening, even the safety car had a moment!).

Despite the conditions, the Race Performance team qualified in 30th position overall and 21st in their class. Not a perfect result, but not bad, considering the conditions and their Judd engine being a little bit down on power, compared to the more widely used Nissan engine.

race performance and adcash - rainy pit lane

But in endurance racing, as the saying goes, to finish first, first you have to finish. Granted, the race itself is more like a 24 hour sprint, but anything can happen. If you can outlast your opponent, be more agile, while preserving your tyres, keep out of any incidents, then your chances are much better come sunrise and into Sunday.

Before the race all power units, engine, gearbox, transmission and electronics, will undergo a complete change and be replaced by completely new components to be well prepared for the stressful 24 hour challenge. Seeing the chequered flag again this year would mean a world record in terms of reliability for Race Performance at Le Mans. Finishing six out of six races without any retirement has never been done before by any team in any class there.

The team have also been experimenting with the new, Dunlop tyres, with mixed results, but overall the car looks to be solid: “We still haven’t completely understood the different Dunlop tyres one hundred percent, and so we got a bit lost with one of the compounds for some time. But the reliability of the car was really promising”.

So, the team’s ready. We’re ready. Let’s do this!

The race itself starts at 3pm local time on Saturday and you can catch it on Eurosport, Fox Sports and, of course, Radio Le Mans.

If you want to keep track of what Race Performance are up to, they’ll being doing some Facebook Live streams during the race. Head over to their Facebook page for more info.


Adcash and Race Performance: The Road to Le Mans

Adcash and Race Performance: The Road to Le Mans

Technology. Innovation. Teamwork. Endurance. These are all things that you need to thrive in both the world of digital marketing and in motorsport. For the last two years Adcash has been proud to partner with teams racing at the prestigious Le Mans 24 hours endurance race.

And this year is no exception. For 2016 we will be getting behind a long-term friend of the Adcash family: Swiss driver, Niki Leutwiler. Having already achieved phenomenal success in the 2015 / 2016 season of the Asian Le Mans Series, resulting in an overall victory for that season, continuing that partnership for the European Le Mans Series was a foregone conclusion.

Building on success

Having taken the title in last year’s Asian Le Mans Series, thanks to an incredible all round performance from the whole team, Race Performance were in a great position to contend for the title in this year’s European Le Mans Series.

Race Performance Team Photo - LMP2 Asian Le Mans Series

Their season will culminate at this year’s Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. This race is the pinnacle of endurance motorsport. With cars ranging from GT cars you’d recognise to LMP prototypes that would look more at home at some kind of space operations center.

Race Performance at the 4 hours of Imola

Their most recent race in Imola was a treacherous one. The 4 hour race was marred by heavy rains, making conditions extremely slippery for all the drivers. Despite the conditions (and a spin, involving a Ferrari GT race car), Niki and the team brought the car home in 9th place. Not an ideal finish, but finishing alone in endurance racing is a feat in and of itself.

Niki Leutwiler racing in the heavy rain at ELMS Imola 2016

Speaking after the race, Niki said “It started quite well for me, for the first time this weekend I found a really good rhythm. On the straight I was pushed by this white GT-Ferrari, who forced me into a high speed 180 degree spin. Quite a harsh experience, nothing you need at all. Fortunately I did not hit anything and was able to continue immediately, but of course the tyres were ruined. I still tried to continue with this set until the rain started, which I managed to do, but I could not attack as aggressively as before. When the rain turned really heavy and I wanted to come in to hand the car over to Shinji, I got aquaplaning and spun again, but luckily I was able to catch the car again and still come into the pits, so it did not make much of a difference and we could keep our position in this crazy race.”

Next stop: Le Mans

After Imola the team will be spending time preparing for the race in Le Mans. In just under a month’s time the team will be lining up on the grid to compete in one of the most prestigious events in motorsport. And Adcash will be riding alongside them as they chase down success.

We’ll be posting more here and on social media in the run up to the race itself. So, stay tuned as we join Race Performance on the Road to Le Mans.

Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Rõivas, Visits Adcash HQ

Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Rõivas, Visits Adcash HQ

We were delighted to welcome Taavi Rõivas, the Estonian Prime Minister to the Adcash offices, here in Tallinn, Estonia yesterday. During his visit, he met with the team, and discussed a range of topics, including digital advertising and the pressing need for more Mexican restaurants in our great city (you can never have too many).

An Adtech Introduction

Adcash CEO, Thomas Padovani, gave Mr Rõivas an introduction to the world of digital advertising and some insights into what our business involves. There was discussion about our plans for the future, in terms of our prospects, roadmap and targets as well as the challenges our people face (childcare, education and more).

More generally, they discussed the overall, local IT and entrepreneurial business landscape here. Estonia is a country that allows small, tech-focused businesses to grow and reach far beyond the relatively tiny confines of Estonia’s borders and this was the perfect opportunity to highlight that.

Here’s to eEstonia and until next time!

Adcash 2015 – Year In Review

Adcash 2015 – Year In Review

Wow. That was quick. 2015 has flown by and in that time Adcash has grown and developed massively. So, as we prepare to usher in the new year, now’s probably a good time to review everything that’s gone on in 2015. Let’s take a look at some of the high points and achievements from this year.

Adcash 2015 - Going More Global

Going (more) global

In early 2015, we opened our new Barcelona office, with the focus there being on growing the mobile areas of our business. Our Spanish office is home to 16 mobile advertising wizards, with more set to join soon. We’ve also expanded our other offices: The team in Sofia has more than doubled in size, growing from 21 last year, to 45 (we also gave our Sofia office a makeover to accommodate this influx of talent). Here in Tallinn, the team has also grown significantly, to 93. Around the world, we employ 158 advertising experts, >60% more than last year, and we fully expect that growth to continue as we look to expand our product lineup throughout 2016.

Adcash 2015 - Self-Service

At your service

This year has been pretty big for us, product wise. Probably the most significant addition to the Adcash product suite was the release of our advertiser Self-Service platform. Self-Service has allowed us to greatly expand the appeal of Adcash, by adding a level of scalability that we lacked before. Using Self-Service, advertisers of all sizes and needs are able to easily access convenient, powerful tools to reach a massive audience. It’s super easy to use, built from the ground up to be intuitive and user friendly, making digital advertising easier than ever.

After it’s initial release, we continued to improve and tweak the platform, adding new features, like more advanced targeting options and enhanced optimisation tools.


We love mobile!

As mentioned earlier, we added a dedicated mobile team to lead us into the wonderful world of mobile, and to back them up, we’ve delivered some great products: firstly, we overhauled our In App monetisation platform, adding support for Adobe Air, Unity and more. We unveiled our Dev2Dev site, giving app developers looking for an easy way to get their apps making money everything they need, in one place. We’ll be releasing SDK v2.0 very soon as well. It’ll be packed with new features and enhancements so make sure to stay tuned for that! Last, but by no means least, we released the Adcash app, for iOS and Android, allowing Adcash customers to monitor their accounts, on the go.


It’s good to do good

We like to give something back and 2015 presented us with some perfect opportunities to do just that. Firstly, in the Summer, some brave Adcash team members signed up for the Tallinn marathon, where we raised over €1000 for Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation. Then, in September, we supported the Sõbralik Eesti (Friendly Estonia) concert, promoting tolerance and diversity in Estonia. Finally, this month, we were extremely proud to add our names to the Estonian Diversity Charter.


Nice to meet you

Adcash is a global company, with offices and customers coming from all over the world. Because of this we feel it’s important to represent ourselves as strongly as possible at some of the biggest expos, conferences and industry events and this year was no exception. We attended 20 events around the world, from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to ChinaJoy in Shanghai. It was a very busy and successful year for our events team and we’re looking forward to even more in 2016 (don’t forget: if you want to find out what events we’re attending and would like to book a meeting, you can check out our events page).


Awards, awards everywhere

2015 has been a year of awards and recognition here at Adcash. First up, we were awarded Most Competitive SME and Innovator of the Year for our Self-Service platform at the Enterprise Estonia gala dinner. “For us, this is just the beginning” we said at the time and that was pretty much spot on: the next month Äripäev awarded us Most Successful Company! I think we’re going to need a bigger trophy cabinet!


And finally…

There’s plenty of other things we achieved this year: we gave our website a new-look (now with responsive layout!), we released our Support Center page, full of useful articles and info and, of course, the site upon which you are reading these very words – the Adcash Blog. We also started work on our video ad product and we’ll be releasing our new CPC payment model very, very soon! You can read more about what we have in store for our product line-up, here.

2015 has been another milestone year for us and, although it sounds cliched, none of it would have been possible without our customers, so we thank you. Thank you for helping us make 2015 so awesome and we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016.


Adcash wins most successful company at Äripäev Top 100 awards

Adcash wins most successful company at Äripäev Top 100 awards

Adcash: We’re number 1!

Awards. They’re like buses; you wait ages and then loads come along at once! Following on from our success at the Enterprise Estonia gala last month, we’ve followed that up with some more silverware for the trophy cabinet.

Last night, at the Äripäev Top 100 awards, Adcash took the top spot, being declared  the most successful company in Estonia! This is a huge achievement and a testament to our fantastic customers and, of course the incredible team we have here at Adcash.

Congratulations to all the other Äripaev Top 100 companies.

Photo: Veiko Tõkman

Adcash wins two awards

Adcash wins two awards

Last week Adcash won not one, but two awards. At the Enterprise Estonia gala dinner we received the award for Most Competitive SME and Innovator of the Year for our Self-Service platform.

For us, innovation isn’t an option but a real need, and we are really happy that we have created a competitive and innovative advertising platform here in Estonia.

We wish all Estonian startups success, and we hope that our activities will inspire other businesses to export their ideas. We and our entire team are delighted at this fantastic milestone and the recognition given to our company.

For us, this is just the beginning!

We’d like to congratulate all of the winners and thank all those involved. You can view details of the contest, including the other winners here (in Estonian).

Title image courtesy of Egert Kamenik

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