Connecting intelligently at MWC Barcelona 2019

Connecting intelligently at MWC Barcelona 2019

For this past week, one sunny European location has been buzzing with techies. That’s because it’s MWC Barcelona week! That’s right, we’re talking about the largest mobile event in the world.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the event overtakes Barcelona. Wherever you look, there are people walking around with the MWC badges. Metro is full of people from all over the world all going in the same direction and taxis are filled with people making business calls. For one whole week, Barcelona transforms from a digitally oriented city to a complete tech central as so many specialists from all around the world gather together in one place.

Being one of the most important tech and mobile conferences in the world, the event was set in 8 huge consecutive halls, each focusing on a slightly different area in the industry. Walking between those numerous halls one could easily see the change in scenery even without noticing that they have entered to a different hall. As each hall was full of specific type of products or services it was very easy to connect and meet relevant people.

Smart cars, AI robots, foldable phones and head devices that help you power nap more efficiently are just some of the technological solutions displayed at MWC. The theme for this year’s event was “Intelligent Connectivity” that included 8 separate core themes: Connectivity, AI, Industry 4.0, Immersive Content, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, and The Future. Intelligent connectivity is used to describe the combination of the advanced 5G networks, IoT, AI and big data. The topic was chosen as the intelligent connectivity is the start of a new era that is made of personalized and contextualized experiences available to the people right when they want it.

With more than 100,000 people attending the event, Adcash prepared accordingly and we called our attending team a “tribe” who were making sure that our company had the best presence at the event. The conference programme brought about a talented crowd from many different leading companies and we were happy to have met them as well. After the last event day we did a little research within our team. The Adcash team that consisted of 14 people collected in total almost 700 business cards from different meetings and networking activities.

During the first two days of the event, we hosted a happy hour in our booth. As our company is international with offices in multiple locations, we wanted to pay a little homage to that. Vana Tallinn, an Estonian liqueur spirits brand, was sponsoring our happy hours and it was served with Spanish tapas. We want to thank everyone who came to have some fun at our booth and to network with our team, it was our pleasure hosting you and to introduce Estonian spirits to a larger audience.

MWC Barcelona was our second event of the year and it safe to say it will remain as one of the biggest ones that we’re going to attend in 2019. Keep an eye on our social media to learn more information about the upcoming events our team will attend:
Adcash IS the Most Competitive Company

Adcash IS the Most Competitive Company

It’s not just us who think we are the most competitive company.

This year, for the second year running, Adcash has won the award for The Most Competitive Small and Medium-sized Company. The award itself is pretty big; trust us, it is. To win it two years, back-to-back? That is very BIG.

In case you’re a skeptic, let’s look at how the winner is determined. The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes the award, and gives it to the company with the greatest growth and efficiency.

The Estonian Institute of Economic Research slices, dices, and tables data from micro-, small- and mid-, and large-scale companies. This year, 436 companies were ranked and one award was given for each size.

What does this mean? You guessed it, the odds were not in anyone’s favor

And yet, it’s not the award that is important.

Awards are merely symbolic. It’s what it symbolizes that matters and it symbolizes this: if you reach the show once, you can chalk it up to luck; if you reach it again, there is no question that it’s merit.

You’re operating at a level that only a privileged few attain. However, you’re not privileged to make it to the show, you’re privileged to have a team that takes you there consistently. It is the Team, that made this possible through their collective talents and tireless effort.

So, to the Adcash Team, YOU are Adcash; this is YOUR award.

Congrats…now let’s snag a few more…

Kyle Buzzell

Kyle Buzzell

Content Manager

Psychology, sales and now marketing…Kyle uses his background and love of writing to create informative, engaging content for Adcash.

Adcash and Race Performance: The Road to Le Mans

Adcash and Race Performance: The Road to Le Mans

Technology. Innovation. Teamwork. Endurance. These are all things that you need to thrive in both the world of digital marketing and in motorsport. For the last two years Adcash has been proud to partner with teams racing at the prestigious Le Mans 24 hours endurance race.

And this year is no exception. For 2016 we will be getting behind a long-term friend of the Adcash family: Swiss driver, Niki Leutwiler. Having already achieved phenomenal success in the 2015 / 2016 season of the Asian Le Mans Series, resulting in an overall victory for that season, continuing that partnership for the European Le Mans Series was a foregone conclusion.

Building on success

Having taken the title in last year’s Asian Le Mans Series, thanks to an incredible all round performance from the whole team, Race Performance were in a great position to contend for the title in this year’s European Le Mans Series.

Race Performance Team Photo - LMP2 Asian Le Mans Series

Their season will culminate at this year’s Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. This race is the pinnacle of endurance motorsport. With cars ranging from GT cars you’d recognise to LMP prototypes that would look more at home at some kind of space operations center.

Race Performance at the 4 hours of Imola

Their most recent race in Imola was a treacherous one. The 4 hour race was marred by heavy rains, making conditions extremely slippery for all the drivers. Despite the conditions (and a spin, involving a Ferrari GT race car), Niki and the team brought the car home in 9th place. Not an ideal finish, but finishing alone in endurance racing is a feat in and of itself.

Niki Leutwiler racing in the heavy rain at ELMS Imola 2016

Speaking after the race, Niki said “It started quite well for me, for the first time this weekend I found a really good rhythm. On the straight I was pushed by this white GT-Ferrari, who forced me into a high speed 180 degree spin. Quite a harsh experience, nothing you need at all. Fortunately I did not hit anything and was able to continue immediately, but of course the tyres were ruined. I still tried to continue with this set until the rain started, which I managed to do, but I could not attack as aggressively as before. When the rain turned really heavy and I wanted to come in to hand the car over to Shinji, I got aquaplaning and spun again, but luckily I was able to catch the car again and still come into the pits, so it did not make much of a difference and we could keep our position in this crazy race.”

Next stop: Le Mans

After Imola the team will be spending time preparing for the race in Le Mans. In just under a month’s time the team will be lining up on the grid to compete in one of the most prestigious events in motorsport. And Adcash will be riding alongside them as they chase down success.

We’ll be posting more here and on social media in the run up to the race itself. So, stay tuned as we join Race Performance on the Road to Le Mans.

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