How to create a landing page that works

How to create a landing page that works

Landing pages should be part of every advertiser’s performance marketing strategy. Knowing how to create a landing page that works will automatically result in higher ROI and better visibility. No matter how cool your ads are or how well you’ve optimized them, you won’t succeed without a great landing page.

So – what’s a landing page? To keep it really simple, it’s a dedicated web page that usually has a single focus and is mostly used for lead generation. It’s the first thing potential customers see and can be the launch pad of a successful advertising campaign, or a brick wall that stops them going any further.

When your campaigns get visitors to your landing page, you have a matter of seconds to convince them to stay on your site. You must give them strong and compelling reasons to linger and explore further.

If that doesn’t happen, you can have impressive figures for your website traffic but poor lead conversions. Having lots of website visitors who don’t go on to buy, book, enquire or register represents a colossal amount of wasted opportunities – and wasted money!

How can you boost your ad performance with a great landing page?

Who are you talking to?

As an advertiser or affiliate marketeer, having drilled down insights in to your target market is always step one. It’s always good when your page views are high but when you’re interested in conversions that’ll eventually bring in money then you also need to know how to design a site that appeals to your target audience.

A landing page will grab the attention of visitors if it answers the most basic of all customer questions: “What’s in it for me?” To sell the benefits of your product and service well enough, you need to know who they are and what they’re looking for.

Segmenting your audience – and working up a typical customer profile – is vital when planning and scheduling performance marketing campaigns. Your ad spend will be better focused, driving genuine leads to the landing page.

Pick the best platform and tools

The actual creation of a landing page is much easier than you think if you’re using the right tools. A lot depends on how much of the design, build and update work you’re outsourcing, and how much you’re doing in-house. Also, which platform your website uses eg. WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Drupal etc.

With most platforms, you can create “drag and drop” pages but some landing page creators will make your life even easier (if your HTML and CSS skills are limited).

Research all the options – such as Unbounce, Clickfunnels, Landigi, Thrive (great for WordPress users) and Instapage – to find the one that best suits your business goals. Maybe you already have a landing page included in your box of marketing tools? Some marketing automation solutions and CRMs have landing page builders included in their packages such as Hubspot, Act-On, Zoho, Salesforce and many others. So, you don’t have to waste your budget on extra tools.

The platform and tools you opt for will offer a series of plugins. These are extra functions to help you interact with landing page visitors. Don’t use too many, as that can slow your site down too much.

Mobile First

A few years ago mobile traffic took the lead ahead of desktop for the first time. Making it necessary for marketers and advertisers to adopt Google’s “mobile first” strategy. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly! Because Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile-optimized and your site won’t be ranking as high as it could in SERP (search engine results pages).

What’s more, if you’re buying a lot of mobile traffic then it’s absolutely crucial that your landing page is fully mobile optimized. That way it offers a great user experience that will lead to a sign up or registration. Therefore, it is a must to invest some time in mobile landing page optimization!

Landing page layout

Whether you’re building a new page or improving an existing one, content and design are going to be the key! This includes creating a landing page that grabs and holds visitors’ attention.

Make sure your page design is clean – avoiding overpacked or “fussy” content. Choose a few hard-hitting images, rather than lots of complex slideshows.

Research has shown that users are more inclined to read content that is combined with bold attention-crabbing imagery.


Consider content placement on your landing page too, such as menu bars and quick links. The more distraction there is, the less likely the user will finish the desired action.

This is all to make sure that your website landing page is quick to load, and easy to navigate. Your ultimate aim is to improve user experience (UX). Site visitors will find what they’re looking for, without working too hard!

This is mainly supported by lead capture forms. These forms generate leads, as you ask people to fill the form out with their contact information and offer them a deal, ebook, or something similar in return. It’s important to carefully think through the form’s design. It should be easily findable, including only essential questions and not too lengthy. Lead capture forms can be often combined with calls to action (CTA). For example, if your visitors like what they see, how can they buy, register or enquire? A well placed “button” can promote your call to action and capture initial interest. It’s smart to place it above the fold or top of the page.

It’s essential to create ad creatives that match your landing page, to make the transition seamless when users click through to the website from the ads.

Landing page SEO techniques

In order to succeed in online marketing your content must be visible. So, the aim is to get your website as high as possible in the search engine results.

Make sure that your landing page contains keywords – both long and short phrases that customers use when searching for a relevant product, service or location.

Whether you’re confident with SEO techniques or not, it’s important to at least access some of the basic tools to boost your page ranking. Look at these ones – such Yoast SEO (great plugin for WordPress sites), SEMrush, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Moz and Screamingfrog – to get SEO insights.

Testing, testing – measurement matters

Even if you do all of the above, there’s no time to rest on your laurels. The internet is a complex and ever-changing entity. If you don’t create a fresh and dynamic landing page, it will be outdated from day one!

Testing and CRO (conversion rate optimization) are the most important elements of a great landing page! It’s vital to test your content for understanding what on your site is working and what’s not. Keep checking call to action buttons and links are working. Don’t forget to test out different offers, colors, images, copy and call to actions to see what works best for your audience.

Having your targeting and testing on point can increase conversion rates by up to 300%.


A/B testing your landing pages is the easiest way to see which one is the most effective. For that, create two different landing pages and use them simultaneously. Analyze the results afterwards and look into details to discover which one of the pages works better and what you should change to further improve the performance.

There are some fantastic tools out there that help you to understand even further how your site visitors are interacting with your landing page. For example, with Hotjar and CrazyEgg you can see the heatmaps, site recordings and analyze users’ behavior and see where they click and scroll. This helps you to test and optimize accordingly.

Also, keep on tracking your results and checking your page analytics regularly, for visitor numbers and the length of time they are staying. The best tool to use for that is Google Analytics, it provides you with all the necessary data. From these insights, you can make changes that continue to make your landing page effective and productive. Many of our affiliates are using powerful trackers, such as Voluum, PeerClick, RedTrack, Appsflyer and many others that give them full visibility of their ads’s performance.

We hope that you found this article useful and will start editing your landing pages to get even better results with them! Remember, your ads are only as good as your landing page!

#1 Advertising Platform for Copa America 2019

#1 Advertising Platform for Copa America 2019

Adcash is your #1 advertising platform for Copa America 2019! Whether your an advertiser or wish to monetize your site, we have the perfect opportunities for you right now. Take a quick look below to get our team’s tips and a FREE sports calendar.

Copa America games have already begun but you’re in luck, as there’s still a couple of weeks until the finals! We have put together a to-do list for advertising and monetizing. Take your digital advertising strategy to a whole new level with this event!


Schedule for Copa America 2019:

Here’s how to ace your advertising game

Run your sports-related campaigns smartly during Copa America and score! We have a huge premium sports inventory just waiting for your ads.

🌎 Target LATAM and EU regions

📆 Set up your campaigns according to the game schedule (shown above). Want to generate the best results? Then push your ads live a couple of days before the game takes place!

🖼️ Be sure to update your ads with Copa America related content! Create relevant and strong CTAs on your ads and landing pages.

🎛️ All of our ad formats work well with sports traffic. Using any of our ad formats in combination with CPA Target’s automated optimization will guarantee the best results!

You can find an even more thorough sports advertising guide here.


Examples of great sports ads:

Make cash with Adcash

Want to earn a high revenue? Monetize your traffic with us during Copa America 2019, as we have a lot of campaigns with huge budgets ready for you! So make sure to have your website tags live during the game period. Find a step-by-step sports monetization guide here.

🔤 Use event related keywords in your content and page URL, that’ll make it easier for advertisers to target your content more accurately.

💻 Make sure that your set up is on point! If you’re having doubts contact our Publisher Managers or support team at [email protected].


Here’s why you should monetize with Adcash:

Why monetize with Adcash


That’s how your site would look like with high-quality sports ads:

Copa America monetization example with Adcash

Score with Copa America

Now that you have all the basics it’s time to head over to our platform and make your online advertising dreams a reality. Start preparing your creatives or put your website tags live now to reap the benefits of Copa America 2019!

How to use the hottest sports events of summer 2019

How to use the hottest sports events of summer 2019

Many different major sports events are taking place this year. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the hottest sports events of summer 2019. All you need to do is set up your campaigns or website accordingly and reap the benefits. Take a look below to get a FREE sports calendar and top tips from our team.

The packed sports schedule can benefit advertisers and publishers both. There are various ways to leverage the popularity of sporting events and this is why we wanted to make things as easy as possible. We’ve created a little checklist for advertisers and publishers that can significantly increase their performance and profits.

First, let’s start with what’s actually happening. Events like Cricket World Cup, Copa America and UFC are just some of the big events taking place this summer.

Find the hottest sports events of summer 2019 in the calendar below:

How can advertisers make use of sports events?

There are various ways to target Adcash’s high volumes of quality sports traffic and set your ROI on fire. We have 300+ exclusive sport supply sources and the average conversion rate on sports supply is 2,38%, including all campaigns and formats that ran on this supply.

If you’re looking for exposure then leading up to and during major sports events we recommend to run your sports-related campaigns across the board without any specific targeting. However, since we do have a large sports supply, advertisers who are focusing on performance can target only such traffic in a few different ways. Simply check out the next paragraphs! Be creative with your landing pages keep the content sports related. Including bonuses or welcome offers can also create excellent results. 

Targeting by website categories

One way to access sports traffic in an accurate way is to use website category targeting. Doing so would allow you to run your offers only on websites that have sports-related content. 


Whitelist only the following website categories:

In order to monitor your campaigns’ ROI in the best way, we recommend targeting Adcash direct and external supply separately. For that, create a campaign solely for Adcash supply (as the supply source). Make sure that “allow traffic from new supply sources” is disabled so new sources will not be added. When setting up your cappings (on the budget page), ensure that “spread budget throughout the day” is not set, otherwise, you’ll miss out on a traffic peak during the live sporting events.

Create another campaign to target external supply sources (SSPs), select “all” and untick Adcash. Then you’ll be getting only the indirect traffic from Adcash’s external partners. Again, whitelist the previously mentioned sports-related categories and make sure that “spread budget throughout the day” is not set.  

Targeting by user interest

User interest targeting is another very efficient alternative to website category targeting. By targeting “sports” as user interest, your campaign will only be displayed to users who have shown interest in sports related websites. Select all supply sources when using this targeting method and remember to use the spread option on cappings, to avoid spreading your budget too quickly. If you wish to target sports sites, target sport as a site category.

Please note, that we can also offer keyword targeting. Since this feature is currently in Beta version, it’s not yet available as a self-service tool. Nevertheless, please get in touch with our team at [email protected] in case you would be willing to give it a try!

Additional tips

All our ad formats bring great results, so choose the one that fits with your offer. Adcash has all the top ad formats like Native ads, Pop-Under, Push Notifications, Banners ads and interstitial. That being said, the highest volumes of targeted sports traffic are being delivered via our Pop-Under format.

A high budget goes a long way, making sure that your ad gets the expected results. In terms of frequency capping, you can rely on our defaults. Use weekly distribution (in the budget step) for your campaigns. That way you can set up your campaign to run only during relevant sporting events. In case you’re able to use pixel tracking, definitely go for the CPA Target bidding type to get the best results. If you wish to maximize volumes from sources that you’ve already identified then create a whitelist and choose CPM bidding type.

For a sportsbook campaign, if you can use pixel tracking and CPA Target for a Sportsbook campaign we recommend tracking 2 events:

  • Paid events on sign up
  • Informative event on deposit

This will give high-value data to the Adcash ad server about best-performing segments and the platform can deliver supply according to that. By the way, we deliver about 5000 deposits a month with higher peaks on popular sporting event days among all our sportsbook and gambling campaigns.

Publishers make the most of your monetization with sports events

The hottest sports events of summer 2019 can help you boost your earnings with the right strategy. There are a couple of things that publishers who’re working with sport related content can do to get the most out of this busy sports schedule. While all our ad formats are well-suited for sports content, our highest paying ad format is Pop-Under. If you still haven’t tried, now’s the time to do it!


Use relevant sports-related keywords in your content and page URL, so that advertisers could target your content more accurately, helping you get better results. Plus, let’s not forget the SEO benefits this will bring, making your website more visible.

Exclusive partnership

To fully benefit from our top offers you should work with us exclusively. We can then be more flexible with premium payment conditions and rates. The exclusivity changes the earnings quite drastically, as you can see on the photo below. It’s also highly beneficial for the user experience and loyalty to have less and more strategic ads. That way you won’t be bombarding your users with many different ads at the same time.

Integrate your tags correctly

Oftentimes discrepancies appear due to two Pop ads being triggered at the same time which will be then blocked by Google Chrome. Make sure that you integrate your tags correctly – they should always be positioned in the header section of the page.

The right setup

The setups can be very different from site to site. We recommend getting in touch with our experienced Publisher Managers or Support team. They’ll help you in identifying what works best for your website.

Nail your digital advertising strategy

Now that we’ve given you all the tips we can think of, make use of the hottest sports events of summer 2019 and rock your advertising or monetization game! On the other hand, if you still haven’t signed up, then right now is the perfect time to do so. We’ve basically done all the thinking for you, just open our platform, make some clicks and you’ll be up and running in no time! Ace it! 💪

Adcash User Interest Targeting: Reach the right audience for you

Adcash User Interest Targeting: Reach the right audience for you

Isn’t showing your ad to the right audience what every advertiser wants to achieve? Well, that’s exactly what Adcash User Interest Targeting allows you to do. Discover what our platform’s new feature can do!

The solutions that allow advertisers to target their audiences have been trending for a while. As it brings higher performance and ROI, it’s no wonder that it has got people talking. Tim Bruke is one of the latest ones to state that advertisers can get exceedingly better results when they target users based on their behaviors. User Interest Targeting gives advertisers a way to rise above the clutter and make their ads seen and work effectively. This is especially so since targeted ads are on average almost twice as effective than non-targeted advertisements.

In case you’re still wondering what exactly User Interest Targeting is and how does it differ from contextual targeting then you’re about to find out! We’ll also mention how User Interest Targeting can benefit both advertisers and website publishers.

What is User Interest Targeting?

Marketers generally have a product or service that they want to advertise and ultimately sell. But in order to do that, you want to reach the right audience, wherever they are on the web. User Interest Targeting allows you to do that.

You can use the Adcash User Interest Targeting feature available on the advertiser platform to select users who have exhibited an interest in something specific, such as cars. Then, whenever they visit a site, regardless of the site’s theme, they will be shown your ad. It really is the smart thing to do, as 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads.

ABC of the Adcash targeting tech

User Interest Targeting by its name is quite self-explanatory but how does it actually take place in our system? The Adcash engine, that sits at the heart of all of our targeting functionality, tracks and aggregates all user’s preferences as they browse the web and engage with ads, building up a user interest profile based on the content of the visited pages and ads they clicked on.

This data is then combined and analyzed on a per user level after which the user will then be classed by the system as being “interested” in that topic. To cut it down – we now give our advertisers the option to target those specific “interested” audiences, meaning we’ll offer behavioral targeting. This is not to be confused with contextual targeting where advertisers can target website categories. Most importantly, User Interest Targeting and website categories targeting are not to be used at the same time.

Because of the vast numbers of users that make up our total audience, the datasets involved are mind-bogglingly huge, posing some serious challenges for our product, IT and infrastructure teams. But, thanks to some clever, big data tools developed in-house, we’ve been able to tap into that massive stream of data and harness its potential like never before.

OK, what are the perks?

The reason we added User Interest Targeting to our product lineup is simple: choice. It gives advertisers an added element of flexibility so they can create the type of ad campaign that they know works better.

Actually, the good part is quite obvious – you can reach the right audience wherever they might be. Targeting specific users allows advertisers to achieve the greatest click-through-rate. Since the user is already interested in a specific type of content or offer, they are more likely to click on the advert. Thus, an increase in ROI is a given, because an interested user is much more likely to buy the product/service on the ad. An additional positive part is the fact that User Interest Targeting saves time in the creative process of the ad. Knowing the type of users you target, it’s easier to nail the design first time around.

Good for publishers

Adcash User Interest Targeting isn’t only about delivering better results for our advertisers. It also has a domino effect on our publishers, too. Because, when coupled with our hyper-granular targeting options, site visitors will see highly relevant ads, meaning better click-rates, which, ultimately, translates to better earnings.

Not only that but displaying ads that are relevant to your site’s visitors means they’re more likely to have a positive emotional response to it. One of the golden rules of online publishing is keeping your visitors happy and coming back for more. User interest targeted ads help you do exactly that, find more tips for efficient monetization here.

I would highly recommend advertisers to use User Interest Targeting in order to reach the desired audience for their product/service, no matter what other content that audience is browsing. We, at Adcash, are well aware that every Marketer knows their offer better than anyone else and can select the right audience for it. We have just presented it in a more simple and usable form for you.

Todor Todorov

Senior Ad Server & RTB Product Manager, Adcash

What could be better than reaching the exact user you want?

Simply log in to your Adcash account, start creating a campaign and lastly, select your target audience from the user interest section under the targeting options. From there, you’ll be able to specify the user interests you want to reach from a list, along with all the other advanced targeting features available through the Adcash platform. If you need a hand setting it all up, take a look at this article.

Alright, there’s no stopping you now! Go and reach your right audience now ➡️create a campaign here.


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A Monetization Guide For Publishers

A Monetization Guide For Publishers

Wondering how to monetize your website? Look no further, as we have prepared a complete monetization guide for you.

Our Publisher Managers, Liza Batserikova and Batuhan Berber, shared their knowledge and we put together a monetization guide that will be helpful for all of you, whether you’re a highly experienced publisher or a complete newbie.

How to start monetizing

Before starting to monetize, webmasters should focus on growing their audience. They should try to get as many visitors and as much traffic as possible. Once the website has a reasonable amount of visitors, it’s time to get to know your audience. It’s important to understand your website visitors’ behavior: why they visit the site, where they come from, how they interact with the content and how long they spend on the site. Also, knowing your audience is essential when picking the right ad format for your site as it is important to choose an ad format that keeps your visitors engaged thereby maximizing your earnings.

Once you have enough traffic and know your audience, then it’s time to get started! Our aim is to keep your audience happy by only showing relevant ads. But, in order to do so, we need to learn more about your site and its visitors. The more we know about your traffic the better. Also, to suggest the best setup for your specific site, we need to know where the biggest traffic volumes are coming from and whether it’s organic or acquired through other channels. Don’t be afraid to share these details with one of our dedicated account managers as together we can find the best monetization strategy and increase your ad revenue!


Strategical advice on effective monetization

Time and constant steady traffic volumes are the key elements in efficient monetization. Thus, when opting for a new platform, you should allow the system to get stable volumes during the testing period, so the system would be able to learn what optimization settings bring the best results. Even if you’re an experienced publisher and know how your traffic works, it’s still important that you give time for our optimization algorithms to start generating results.

During the testing period, it might be necessary to change or tweak the setup. Therefore, publishers need to be patient as it might take 2-3 days up to a week depending on the website and its volumes before it will start generating expected results. The clients who allow us to run multiple tests and go deeper into the analysis are the one who will get the best results in the long-term and often they boost their earnings. The time you spend with us will be rewarded with much more than you at first could even imagine, because as you succeed, we succeed.

Also, we don’t recommend to have too narrow ad campaign selection and whitelisting, unless you need to apply some necessary restrictions. This might limit your overall earnings and exclude the exploration of new demand sources.

Working exclusively with one network usually plays out better than combining different networks. If you’re using multiple networks at the same time, it’s important to understand that most of the networks have more or less the same campaigns. In addition, using multiple networks affects user experience that could damage both earnings and the overall website performance. Using only one network at a time helps you discover their full potential, as they can sell your traffic at a higher price which ultimately means more revenue for you.

We always advise publishers to get in touch with our dedicated Publisher Managers or our Customer Support. One of the unique values of Adcash is our hyper-responsive team, who’s highly competent in campaign optimization with the aim of providing you the most efficient monetization for your traffic.

As a website owner, keeping your audience pleased is just as important as generating a high revenue. Using a lot of advertisements and frequently displaying ads doesn’t mean that you’ll be making more money, instead, it might cause you to lose your visitors. Adcash is very transparent with their clients, we respect every request we receive from our clients and never make any changes without their request.

Batuhan Berber

Publisher Manager, [email protected]

How to choose the right ad format for your website

Choosing the best ad formats and placements to display on your site mostly depends on your audience, site’s layout and the type of content you have. We recommend to try and test different ad formats and placements to understand which solutions are preferred by your users and bring the highest eCPMs and ROI. We recommend using 1 or 2 ad formats on the same page. But firstly, let’s find out what ad formats and layouts could you use …

For websites with a lot of content and images (eg. Pinterest and Buzzfeed), we’d recommend using Native Ads. This non-intrusive ad format blends with the overall content and doesn’t affect the user experience. Native ads are a good way to keep your users engaged and at the same make some good money with it.

If the website is using purely video content, then Pop-Under will be the most suitable and profitable format. A winning combination for these sites is Pop-Under used together with Banner ads (especially 300x250). This mix has proven to bring very good results for our publishers. The placement of ads is the most important detail for sports sites, as they can be more aggressive and intrusive due to the fact that the user is really interested to access the content they provide anyway.

When starting out with Adcash, experienced publishers already know which ad format to choose. Usually, they want to start with Pop-Under as it remains one of the most profitable ad formats. But it isn’t always the best way to go. Why? Again, it’s crucial to know your audience and how they will react to different formats. Let our managers analyze your site to see whether this desired format is the best suited for your site or whether there’s another format that would perform better.


Why should publishers use Adcash

Adcash is very transparent and our platform offers publishers full access to statistics and earnings. So you can track your performance in real time! Plus, our flexible payment terms and fast payments are always loved by our publishers. Don’t forget that we also have a massive pool of global demand and together with our powerful ad technology we can deliver the highest value for your inventory.

Adcash offers full support for publishers. Whether it’s helping to set up your tags, choose the best ad formats or share some other tricks that will help you take your monetization strategy to the next level. In addition, we highly respect your needs and settings that you have set (i.e frequency capping) as you know your audience the best. Our dedicated account managers and support team are always here to help you with any questions or problems you might have. They always try to help you out as fast as possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

We are also always on the lookout for new trends and solutions. We’re constantly improving our processes and technology to offer our clients the best service possible. Our message to webmasters is: “Share your feedback with us or inform us about a specific trend or need. We will give our 100% to deliver you anything that could be the next big thing!”

Publishers really need to think about the user experience when using the Pop-Under format. It should be non-intrusive, so that should be taken into account when thinking about capping and placement. Pop-Under should be placed where the actual content is located or i.e. in the game sections of the website, as those placement locations will bring better conversions. Identifying the website’s vertical correctly provides more efficient monetization as the campaign targeting will be 100% accurate. Feel free to confirm with your manager if the vertical that our team assigned to your website is the most suitable one and please do share your feedback on this regard. Since this little detail can often highly improve the performance.

Liza Batserikova

Publisher Manager, [email protected]

We really listen to what the webmasters want. It’s not just listening but we really take action as well, even in cases when they ask for a new product. Adcash wants to make your digital advertising and monetization journey as smooth and profitable as possible! 

Let us know if you have any questions about monetizing with Adcash or our platform in general. And if you’re a newbie in the monetization world, then sign up on our platform, contact us for a specific setup and start earning!



Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Online Advertising Tips For The Holiday Season

Why should you keep your ad campaigns live during the festive period?

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the final call to get your advertising campaigns ready for the festive season. In this blog post, we will share some useful tips on how to maximize your holiday ad spend and why you should keep your campaigns running during the festivities.

Plus, have you heard about our Christmas cashback offer? Keep reading to find out the best bits …

🎁 Pre-Christmas Online Shopping Spree Traffic 

People are trying to find last minute Christmas presents for their loved ones, so it’s time to ensure that your ads are visible with increased online spending. The pre-holiday season brings relatively higher ad impressions — typically CTRs rise 100% and conversion rates go up 60%. This means that you should take advantage of this trend and ramp up your ad spend to reap the rewards.

🎄Post-Christmas Traffic Buzz! 

When Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that the shopping is! People have more time to browse online to grab some bargains as the post-Christmas and New Year sales start. However, it’s very common for advertisers to switch off or reduce their online campaign activities just before Christmas Eve hits. They will miss all that post-Christmas online traffic as the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are as busy the rest of the days in December.

However, that’s a big opportunity for YOU as there will be less competition and lower CPMs, CPCs and CPAs! This isn’t the time to lower your marketing budgets and it makes sense to increase your ad spend whilst more consumers are online!


🔥 Top 10 Holiday Tips From Adcash 🔥

#1 Run flash sales

If you’re an online retailer, then now is a great time to run flash sales to promote specific products. Flash sales create a sense of urgency, hype and boost in sales.

To increase urgency, add some time-sensitive copy to your creatives i.e. “today only”, “limited stock”, “24-hour flash sale”, “final hours”, “ends tonight”, “for a limited time only”.  


#2 Create multiple ad variations to stand out

holiday native ads banner

Also, update your ads frequently to display your latest promotions and deals.

#TopTip – the more different images you have, the merrier! But don’t forget to test and optimize accordingly!


#3 Dress up your creatives and landing pages

Be creative with your ads and landing pages to increase engagement and conversion rates!


#4 Test and optimize different ad formats 

We highly recommend testing different ad formats as each format has its own benefits. Push Notifications are eye-catching and visible, Native Ads are engaging and the classic Pop-Under ads still deliver great conversion rates.

Test them all and find the best ones for your campaigns that bring the highest ROI!


#5 Special offers

To attract more users and beat the competition, offer gift cards and bonus offers. Make sure that you mention the deals on your ad creatives and landing pages to catch people’s attention and increase click-through rates.


#6 Run mobile ads 

Holiday Mobile ads banner

More than 40% of holiday purchases are completed on mobile. Don’t underestimate mobile ads and make sure you run web mobile ads too!


#7 Mobile-friendly landing pages

If you’re running mobile ads, then make sure that your landing pages are fully mobile optimized to accommodate mobile traffic. 


#8 Use CPA Target bid type 

Forget about manual optimization with CPA Target. Set your ideal target and let our advanced machine learning algorithms do the job for you! Already 25% of our advertisers are running CPA Target campaigns, and on average they are seeing up to 27% better results than using CPC or CPM.


#9 Budget, budget, budget!

Make sure you’ve planned your budget smartly to make the most of your ad spend over the holiday season. Spread it across December and don’t pause your campaigns.

The increased traffic and higher conversion rates are definitely a good reason to spend a little more.


#10 Use automatic payments 

Advertisers who use automatic payments have better results as campaigns run more smoothly. Without automatic payments, campaigns are at risk of pausing and restarting which can affect your performance.

Don’t wait any longer — start using it now!

🌟 Advertise with Adcash and get 10% cashback! 💸

Also, the more you spend from 21 December until 2 January the more you’ll earn! Yes, it is that simple! You’ll love what we’re going to say next – all CPA Target, CPM and CPC campaigns are included in the offer regardless of the chosen ad format and targeting options!

All you need to do is run campaigns during this period and spend on average only €/$ 50 per day over 13 days (min total spend €/$ 650). 


Hurry – the cashback campaign ends soon!

⏱️Time is ticking – register now & get your ads ready! ⏱️

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Lastly, forget about fraudulent ad traffic with Adcash  

Fraudulent ad traffic is one of the biggest challenges in digital advertising. According to Juniper Research, in 2018, ad fraud cost around $19 bn for online advertisers and they estimate it will reach $44 bn by 2022.

Fraudulent ad activity is often higher during the holiday season, but when you advertise with Adcash then there’s no need to worry about this. We take fraud very seriously, and on a daily basis, our advanced fraud filters prevent and block suspicious traffic to ensure clean online acquisition for our advertisers.

With Adcash, you’ll never waste your budget on fraudulent traffic!

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