Smart devices are becoming ever more affordable. There’s been talk for years of the world becoming “mobile” but we’re very close to that being a reality. Now, mobile devices outnumber people and more people are choosing mobile over PC as their daily driver. The trend is clear: everything points to mobile. As the Mobile Product Manager here at Adcash, it is my responsibility to find and act on these new trends.

Since starting in April 2015, my goal has been to give mobile advertising the attention it deserves, because our phones are the most intimate devices we use. I want to make sure that what we offer reflects that. The mobile advertising world is ever-changing, so keeping ahead of that is a challenge. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what we’re doing.

Mobilizing our team

Right now, a major focus of our global team is on growing our mobile business. That is why we have sales, support and developer staff spread throughout Europe: Bulgaria, Spain and of course, Estonia.

The winning formats

Right now, Adcash offers a complete menu of mobile web and in-app ad formats: in-app alone has Footer, Interstitial, Video, AppInstall, Native and Rewarded Video formats. 

The tools for the job

If you’re an app developer looking to monetize your app, we’ve developed some handy SDKs and plugins. We have an SDK for Android and two for iOS (written in Objective-C and Swift). In addition to that, we have app development plugins available for some of the most popular platforms, including: Xamarin, Unity, Cocos2d-x, Phonegap and Adobe Air.

All of these things are designed to make life easier for app developers to make money from their apps with Adcash. And speaking of making things simpler for developers…

Here to help

Mobile developers have two avenues of support: our developer portal with all the materials for our SDK and framework plugins, and direct developer support for those who get stuck or have questions. This premium-level support is provided to you free-of-charge. To qualify, you just need to be interested in monetizing an app with Adcash using one of our SDKs.

Adcash, on the go

It’s a mobile world and you need to be able to access your information on the go. Our mobile app for iOS and Android puts all the functionality of the page into a simple, mobile-friendly environment.

We have lots more in-store, but for now I’d like to keep some things under wraps. The growth of mobile advertising is something we at Adcash embrace and are looking forward to.

Giving mobile advertisers the chance to reach and target mobile audiences globally and publishers the simplest, most effective platform to make money from their apps.

We’re really proud of our growing list of mobile advertising partners, including Amazon, Uber, Lyft and AliExpress, to name a few, and we’d love to add you to that list.

Mobile advertising is the future, and we can’t wait!

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