Your Performance Marketing Rundown

Your Performance Marketing Rundown

Performance marketing is a vague term that more or less describes campaigns that have a specific performance component. Some debate if CPM campaigns are performance marketing and others are concerned about advertisers pricing their goods higher than if they were to...

6 App Monetization Options

Donuts are great. But, when it comes to choosing what donuts to have, it can be pretty difficult to commit to just one. It helps to remember that they are all basically the same, fried dough filled or topped with different forms of sugar. That’s how I see app...

How to Begin Affiliate Marketing

You’ve created a website, produced and shared valuable content, built good traffic, and now it is time for your site to produce income. To be successful, you need an effective monetization strategy that will accomplish three goals: Add more value for your visitors...

Why do we feel so strongly against adblockers?

Last week, we sent an email to our clients, publishers who have trusted Adcash to help them monetize their sites. Since then, many have asked me why we are so strongly against adblockers as to declare such a public war on them? On the surface, adblocking is a business...

5 reasons why you should use In-App advertising

Most of us have a smartphone these days and use apps, heck, even my grandma has a smartphone with apps on it, so if you’re a marketer and are not advertising in-app then where have you been? Now is the time to start. If you’re still not convinced, then...

How to get started in digital marketing

Got a product and want to start promoting it using digital marketing? Look no further. if you’ve just setup a business, whether it’s selling cookies (the tasty kind) or software, you’re probably going to want to invest some time and money into growing that business...

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